Treatment costs

Up to 30 minutes

31-45 minutes

46-60 minutes

Health insurance

The costs for an Osteopathic treatment may be covered partly or completely by your health insurance if you have a complementary insurance.

  • Osteopathy accounts are settled through complementary insurance by the Swiss health insurance companies
  • You should clarify in advance your individual degree of coverage and conditions directly with your health insurance company
  • For the first consultation it is suggested you bring a written summary of your medical history (operations, accidents, hospitalisations, any diagnoses, childhood ailments, infant abnormalities, dietary requirements). This helps in getting to know each other, and in assessing the best treatment to meet your specific condition.

The treatment usually lasts for 45 minutes und takes place once per week. With infants and babies the treatment usually lasts for 30 minutes.

For any questions I am always at your disposal.