How an Osteopath works

Osteopaths examine and treat the whole body with their hands.

By facilitating the mobility of joints, muscles, blood vessels and nerves, the self-healing abilities of the body can be stimulated. Different methods and techniques can be identified which:

  • are suited to joints and structures of the spine, chest, pelvis and limbs
  • address the skull as a bony, fluid-filled unit, closely linked to the spine and spinal cord
  • examine the internal organs, and aid them to maintain their position and tension.

The examination procedure and the treatment techniques are mild and pain-free. If necessary, blockages can be loosened right away through targeted manipulation. The inner dynamism of the body is sought and encouraged. Through this gentle method, positive results can be generated in terms of pain and mobility.

During an interview regarding the current complaints, the Osteopath tries to gain an overview of earlier incidents, operations, infections, accidents, activities and eating habits. As a result the following questions can be posed:

Which kind of pressures did you face in the past, and how do these affect your present condition?
The subsequent examination takes place while standing, sitting or lying. The goal is to determine restricted areas and their effects on the rest of the body. From this the particular treatment steps can be determined. After four or five meetings further procedures will be discussed.