Osteopathy is applied in cases of dysfunctions which cause pain and other symptoms in any part of the body. People of any age can be treated. Here are some examples of disorders and health problems in which Osteopathy can be beneficially used:

Locomotor system

Shooting pains in arms and legs, sciatica, sprained joints, tennis elbow, whiplash injuries, chronic back pain, herniated disc, blocked joints, lumbago

Ear, nose and throat

Headache, migraine, dizziness, ringing in the ears, difficulty in swallowing, chronic frontal sinusitis, jaw joint problems, breathing difficulties

Digestive system ailments

Depending on diagnosis: Hearburn, irritated stomach/reflux, flatulence, irritable colon, stomache-ache

Urogenital region

Menstrual pains, problems during pregnancy, chronic cystitis, incontinence, abdominal pain

Immune system

Allergies, asthma, lymphatic disorders

Osteopathy Oerlikon - Treatment
Osteopathy Oerlikon - Treatment
Osteopathy Oerlikon - Treatment